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Sphinx Medical Technologies is a company focused on increasing doctors’ revenue while reducing costs, improving doctors’ quality of life and most importantly enhancing patient satisfaction while decreasing physicians stress. The two SMARTPHONE APPS that are currently being launched are ScheduleMyPatient (tm) and CallMyDoc (tm). They work as follows: ScheduleMyPatient was developed because Doctors and patients are frustrated when patients remain on hold for extended periods of time in order to make appointments new and old. Many office personnel are overwhelmed with phone calls and messages leading to poor patient communication and scheduling errors. Many patients never receive a follow up phone call. In addition, many openings in a practice day remain empty due to miss-scheduling. Furthermore, doctors need assistance informing patients quickly of abnormal lab testing and imaging. Our Smartphone app solves these problems. Since Dr. Soliman started using ScheduleMyPatient she has heard only positive feedback from staff and patients. She implementing it as well for patients who find themselves "on hold" waiting to schedule an appointment. Patients can simply hang up and go online to the doctor’s web site to self-schedule. ScheduleMyPatient integrates with all electronic medical records (EMR) this link explains how it works. www.schedulemypatient.com CallMyDoc was developed because of the rising expense charged by current answering services, receiving vague messages and at times busy tones. Many doctors are disconnected without explanation. Doctors are also frustrated that they do not know pertinent information about the patient calling in after hours. Doctors do not have immediate access to patients’ medications and allergies. Most doctors never remember to document the events of the patients’ phone call. Doctors are further frustrated by local pharmacies asking innumerable questions regarding DEA, LICENSE, and ADDRESS...AND OTHER REPETITIVE QUESTIONS. This frustration can be compounded by the phone line being disconnected. Sphinx has been working on this Smartphone app and call center replacement for almost three years to create the most reliable technology to replace the traditional answering service. It is a managed service that integrates with all electronic medical records (EMR) systems to replace telephone based answering services. Patient medications, allergies, labs and history will all appear on the doctors Smartphone. Doctors will be able to respond to the patient in many ways through their smartphone and send electronic prescriptions directly to the patient’s pharmacy. Lastly, all interactions send a record with all details of the call back to the patient’s chart that can be used to create a billable ticket.

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Our Team

Carl Silva
Carl Silva
Chief Executive Officer- Co-Founder
Shahinaz Soliman,M.D
Shahinaz Soliman,M.D
Chief Medical Officer- Co-Founder
Dhonn Lushine
Dhonn Lushine
Senior Pragrammer

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